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      • Aug 23, 2014
        TOBET is getting a group together on August 23 to go volunteer with Habitat for Humanity Dallas! If you've never done Habitat for Humanity before, it's a lot of fun! It's open to people of all levels of experience with construction. Those of us who are less experienced can learn useful skills! Helping to provide for our neighbors' bodily need for shelter will be a great way to live out the teachings of John Paul II's Theology of the Body. Plus, we can have a lot of fun and grow together as a community. For more details, contact Isaac Cotherman at icoth@tobet.org
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      • September 6, 2013 | by Monica Ashour MTS; M Hum
        TOB-4-Us was released on September 5th as the first Theology of the Body online Bible study made for college age adults. The timing for the TOB-4-Us release couldn't be better, because September 5, 1979 is a date to commemorate.
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      “John Paul II’s teachings and interpretations of our likeness in God through our body, soul, and spirit show us that the Theology of the Body is for everyone. Having the chance to partake in TOBET4/ByTeens allows me to share with other teens, not just Catholics, the importance of respecting, loving, and living a pure and chaste life. The team has impacted my life so much and has helped lead me to take a stand, to be the difference.”
      Timothy Jara, 11th Grader

      “I believe that God has brought TOBET into fruition so that it can be a shining light in today’s culture. Through talks and study groups, TOBET aims to equip people to be ambassadors of this great news: that the human body has a purpose in God’s plan and is of great dignity. This is the message of the incarnation, when the word was made flesh. Truly, Jesus Christ, in becoming man, has shown us by what dignity he considers the human person.“
      Fr. Jason Cargo